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Dive Sites

1. San Isidro MPA [ hard & soft corals, turles, large fish and good macro] day or night dive

2. San Antonio [wall Dive to 30 mts, hard & soft corals, large areas of stag & elkhorn corals]

3. Little Lembeh [great macro site, nudibranch, ghost pipefish, seahorses etc]

4. Malitbog Pier [macro site, also has large schools bait fish with spanish mackeral and jacks and mandarin fish] day or night dive

5. Jacks Place [macro site, nudibranch, sea snakes, small out crops of coral on sand]

6. Concepcion (Bruno Secret Garden) [macro, blue spot stingray, nudibranchs and ghost pipefish etc]

7. House dive sight [sand merging onto reef, many fish and hard & soft corals] day or night dive

8. Bunga bend [wall dive to 30 mts hard & soft corals ,sea fans gorgonia coral, subject to strong current, best dived on slack tide. Many species of fish]

9. Bulauarte [wall dive best dived in slack tide, frog fish, nudibranch and many species fish etc.]

10. Peters Bend [wall dive to 30 mts good corals, fish, also subject to current]

11. Voltaire [wall dive to 30 mts good corals, seafans, whip corals and sponges and many fish]

12. Max Climax [spectacular wall dive with resident large snappers, banded sweetlip and hard & soft coral]

13. Padre Burgos Pier [great night dive site with seahorses, frogfish, stargazers and other macro subject]

14. Taancan [Long wall dive to 30 mts, excellent corals, diverse marine life, turtles etc]

15. Limasawa Island [4 dive sites, varying from wall dives to sightings of whale sharks *seasonal only*]

16. Napantao [wall dive, one of the best sites in Sogod Bay, varied marine life with large schools of pelagic fish, subject to strong current, best dived in slack tide]

17. Ghost town [macro dive sight on sand with sightings of mimic octopus, nudibranchs and other macro subjects]

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Full Set PHP 650.00
Regler PHP 220.00
B C D PHP 220.00
Neoprenanzug PHP 120.00
Schnorchelausrüstung(Maske, Schnorchel, Flossen und Füßlinge) PHP 220.00
Tauchcomputer PHP 320.00
Taschenlampe PHP 220.00

Walhai Abenteuer Tour
Beinhaltet: Schwimmen mit den Walhaien Sanctuary Gebühr Schnorchelausrüstung Mahlzeiten und Getränke Guide PHP 3,500.00

Tauchpreise: 1 Tauchgang
Beeihaltet immer:
Pressluftflasche und Blei
Getränke und Snacks
Sanctuary fee
Dive Guide included
Shore Dive:
PHP 1,200
PHP 1,400

Scuba Dive Course Padi Tauchkurse
Discover Scuba Diving
Dauer 2 Stunden
PHP 3,000.00
Scuba Review
Voraussetzungen Open Water Diver
Dauer 3 Stunden
PHP 3,000.00
Open Water Diver
Voraussetzungen-OW-15 Jahre alt
Dauer 3 bis 4 Tage
PHP 18,900.00
Advanced Open Water
Open Water Diver BrevetDauer 2 Tage
PHP 13,900.00

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Emergency First Response
Dauer 1 Tag
Op verzoek
Rescue diver Pre requisites Emergency first response. Rescue Diver 15 Jahre altDauer 3 Tage Op verzoek
Dive Master (auf Antrag), hängt von gewünschten Materialien und ggf. Leihausrüstung ab.
Dauer 10 bis 14 Tagen
Op verzoek

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